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Blog posts November 2014

Favorite dish of Poland : Pierogi

November 30, 2014


Pierogi | Image Resource :

Pierogi : I was very excited about our Poland trip. Poland is a beautiful country and one of my cousins stays there, so I always wanted to check out Poland. During my Poland trip, I checked out this amazing dish called the “Pierogi". It is one of the …

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Image of the Week : Radisson Blu Hotel Krakow Poland

November 26, 2014

Radisson Blu Hotel Krakow Poland

Radisson Blu Hotel Krakow Poland | Image Resource :

Radisson Blu Hotel Krakow Poland : We chose Radissons because it is one of the top hotels in the world. I have stayed with them in the past and it was always a great experience. When we were staying at Radisson Blu hotel in Krakow…

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Image of the Week : Bialowieza Forest Poland

November 23, 2014

Bialowieza Forest Poland

Bialowieza Forest Poland | Image Resource :

Bialowieza Forest Poland : Bialowieza Forest Poland was very different from what I expected to see. The forests were dense and previously it extended across the European continent. The forests are known to have bisons and we were exp…

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My Air Travel from Mumbai to Poland- The Journey Begins

November 21, 2014

Traveling is one of my biggest pastimes. Having seen almost every notable place in India, I decided to move out this time and make a visit to Poland.  Me and friends packed our bags and decided to leave the country for a joyride into the Polish nation. The journey had to be ecstatic and aristocratic…

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Factors required for safe bungee jumping

November 19, 2014

Many fear the idea of bungee jumping. I have tried to convince many of my friends to join me and try it out and most of them didn’t and the rest backed out at the last minute. Most of the youngsters consider bungee jumping to be a cool sport but it takes a lot of courage and mental strength in actua…

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Image of the Week : Wong Tai Sin Temple Hong Kong

November 4, 2014

wong tai sin temple hong kong

Wong Tai Sin Temple Hong Kong | Image Resource :

Wong Tai Sin Temple Hong Kong : Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most popular temples and tourist destinations of Hong Kong. This temple represents three religions Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Wong Tai Sin temple is a be…

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