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Blog posts August 2014

Image of the Week : Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Hong Kong

August 30, 2014

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Hong Kong

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Hong Kong | Image Resource :

Summarization : I visited this Buddhist temple in Sha Tin which is referred to as the Ten Thousand Buddha monastery. I really enjoyed watching the fabulous statues of Buddha. They were a fun time. I even clicked seve…

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Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens : Witnessing the Rare Flora and Fauna

August 26, 2014

After visiting the monastery and devoting time to god in a serene environment, I planned to take a trip to the Hong Kong zoological and botanical gardens. It is one of the oldest zoological and botanical garden in the whole of world and occupies a large area of 5.6 hectares. I entered the gardens th…

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Image of the Week : Shatin Racecourse Hong Kong

August 23, 2014

Shatin Racecourse Hong Kong

Shatin Racecourse Hong Kong | Image Resource :

Narration : If you are on a luxury vacation to China and you wish to witness some horse racing, you must visit the Sha Tin Race Course. It is fun to witness the horse race here. You may however find the whole thing a bit expensiv…

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Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong : An Amazing and Tranquil Place with Soothing Ambience

August 19, 2014

Hello friends. Today I am going to share my experience at Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong. Located on Lantau Islandin Ngong Ping, this beautiful Buddhist monastery was built originally by three monks in the year 1906 and then was called The Big Thatched Hut and was named the present name in the year 1924…

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Image of the Week : Hong Kong Museum Of History

August 16, 2014

Hong Kong Museum Of History

Hong Kong Museum Of History | Image Resource :

Summary : If you are a keen learner and have always wanted to know more about the past cultures and civilizations, you must visit the Hong Kong Museum of History. You will surely enjoy the visit. You will also get to view diverse exhibi…

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Bishop Lei International House Hong Kong for the Most Breathtaking Views of the Skyline and the Pearl Harbor

August 12, 2014

Stop it now! I instructed the enthusiastic me because the sight of the impressive Hong Kong airport got started again. Would I be able to conclude the trip in the demeanor of a serious businessman? This was highly debatable. I duly collected my luggage and exited swiftly to find the smiling attendan…

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Ocean Park Hong Kong the Marine Life Treats Which Are the City’s Major Attractions

August 8, 2014

I have understood the importance of time more so in Hong Kong. The pleasures of the hotel would have to wait for this day I am going to the Ocean Park Hong Kong and I did not want to be late at all. No way was I going to club the day with some other sightseeing which could compel me to be pressed fo…

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Image of the Week : King Yin Lei Hong Kong

August 6, 2014

King Yin Lei Hong Kong | Image Resource :

Summarization : This is an amazing mansion which has got the status of a national monument in the year 2008. The monument or mansion is designed by a renowned British architect. It is a fabulous tourist attraction and anyone visiting Hong Kon…

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Hong Kong Disney Land, Super Fun and Great Activities, an Absolute Must!

August 4, 2014

It was part time and I was geared to go to Hong Kong Disney Land where there was no stopping me to unleash the child in me. Although the Victoria Peak was so alluring yet, I had to make my way down because the Disney Land was calling. From the moment I stepped into the park till the moment I would l…

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Victoria Peak Hong Kong - The Ultimate for Entertainment and Delectable Cuisines and Much More

August 1, 2014

To encapsulate Hong Kong is impossible but if one would dare to attempt it, it should be done absolutely from the Victoria Peak Hong Kong. And this much popular peak was my sightseeing trip for the day in my first morning of Hong Kong. I had gotten up early and within very little time, I proceeded t…

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