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Blog posts December 2015

Travel Quote of the Day - Agnes Repplier

December 30, 2015

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It’s a very good quote by Agnes Repplier and it has a lot of meaning to it. The wish or desire to travel is indeed a very positive outlook of life and even if you are in the depth of despair, the desire to travel will always give a new impetus to …

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For That Classy Feeling Of Enjoying All Under One Roof : Country Club Dubai!

December 28, 2015

Hello all of you, I am Cyrus Irani a businessman and a Mumbaikar who enjoys all the facilities that are available in Mumbai. A die-hard fan of adventure and taking holidays is on top of my list and I never miss a chance to travel.

This time when I had my break I decided going to Dubai would be a …

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Merry Christmas to You

December 25, 2015

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This year just flew by. Christmas is around the corner and I am glad that I will have some free time to myself. Business meetings take me to new places every year. I am really looking forward to celebrate this Christmas with my family. A…

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The Magical Effects Of Frankfurt Goethe House Germany

December 15, 2015

Even though I had travelled miles across the ocean and spent more than 20-hours inside the flight, still I was not feeling any kind of tiredness. Perhaps, it was the excitement backed by the adrenaline rush that was preventing me from taking a nap!

By the time I checked into the hotel room, it wa…

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Some Alone Time At Terra Ventura Hotel Resort Spa Gondorf

December 12, 2015

I was having a total fun time in Germany; however I could feel something missing. I actually recollected that I didn’t rest properly from the beginning of the journey. My mind was feeling dumb and my body was aching. I wanted a place where I could relax and spend some “me time”. I then came to know …

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Delicious Food of the Day : German Currywurst

December 2, 2015

German Currywurst | Image Resource :

German Currywurst : I recently got an opportunity to travel to Germany to finalize a business deal and I got to taste the German Currywurst. It is a very popular street food from the country and is made by frying flavored sausages and …

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