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Blog posts April 2015

Driving Like Celebs at the Volo Auto Museum

April 30, 2015

The Volo Auto Museum was our last stop in this memorable trip to Chicago, Illinois. Having seen the night life of Chicago, we now wanted to see the suburbs of the state of Illinois. The most beautiful scenes can be seen from the Volo Auto Museum.
One gets an opportunity to drive in vintage and lu…

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Chilling Out and Cooling Off At the Navy Pier, Chicago

April 24, 2015

The Navy Pier is the largest dock or pier in the state of Illinois. The pier is over a kilometre long, the actual length being 1010 metres. The city of Chicago was one the first planned city in the states and the pier was a part of its plan. Construction began in the pre First World War Era and cont…

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Image of the Week : Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago Hotel

April 22, 2015

Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago Hotel

Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago Hotel | Image Resource :

Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago Hotel : The staffs were extremely friendly and helped me out with a smile on their face. The bar and the restaurant were exquisite and I enjoyed eating my heart out. The interiors are crafted to …

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The Brookfield Zoo - A Reservoir of Animals

April 20, 2015

The Brookfield Zoo, Chicago Illinois is among the oldest zoos in the United States of America. The zoo preserves and protects some of the endangered species of the world. The city of Chicago has a temperate climate and hence is ideal for all kinds of wildlife. The zoo was opened for public in the ye…

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Satisfying our Curiosities at the Field Museum of Natural History

April 16, 2015

The Field Museum of Natural History is a collector’s paradise. For anyone who is even remotely interested in Natural History, which encompasses anything and everything related to life and nature as we see them on earth, the Field Museum is a must see place in Chicago, Illinois.

It is among the …

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Image of the Week : Millennium Park Chicago

April 14, 2015

Millennium Park Chicago

Millennium Park Chicago | Image Resource :

Millennium Park Chicago : This amazing park had a lot of fun activities for all age groups. I enjoyed myself thoroughly while I was at the Millennium Park Chicago. The park also has a lot of artefacts all around the park for the…

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Living the Dreams at the Hilton Hotel, Chicago

April 9, 2015

The Hilton Hotel in Chicago is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. It is a piece of history. The origins of the hotel can be traced back to 1927. The hotel has seen and survived the Second World War serving as a base for the United States Air Force. 

The hotel has the unique distinction …

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Image of the Week : World Health Day Wishes

April 7, 2015

Image Resource :

World Health Day Wishes : Dreaming about a future India for our generation without getting into action is not what I go for.  The WHO calls on for every UNO member nation to lend a helping hand for the many unfortunate people across the world so that they are well f…

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Museum Of Science of Industry - A Worthy Visit

April 4, 2015

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is the largest science museum in the western world. It is by far the largest in the United States and it is the second most popular in Illinois. The city of Chicago has been an industrial hub since the era of Industrial revolution. In post independence U…

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Image of the Week : Willis Tower Skydeck Chicago

April 2, 2015

Willis Tower Skydeck Chicago

Willis Tower Skydeck Chicago | Image Resource :

Willis Tower Skydeck Chicago : There was a huge crowd but the wait was surely worth it. My friends and I decided that we either come early the next time or come during the winters as the guards suggested. The view was mind-blowing …

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