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Delightful Food of the Week : German Doner Kabab

February 19, 2016

German Doner Kabab | Image Resource :

German Doner Kabab : The dishes served in the German Doner Kabab are similar to the Shawarma that we have in India today. The Turkish immigrants in Germany developed this dish to suits the locals and then marketed it. The Doner Kabab is a cha…

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Delicious Food of the Day : German Currywurst

December 2, 2015

German Currywurst | Image Resource :

German Currywurst : I recently got an opportunity to travel to Germany to finalize a business deal and I got to taste the German Currywurst. It is a very popular street food from the country and is made by frying flavored sausages and …

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Food of the Week : Chilaquiles Mexican Dish

October 21, 2015

Chilaquiles Mexican Dish | Image Resource :

Chilaquiles Mexican Dish : My family, friends and well-wishers know me as a person who loves travelling to new places and come back with the fondest memories. My love for food makes me try out every single dish of a new place that…

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Food of the Week : Salmon Sushi Roll

August 17, 2015

Salmon Sushi Roll | Image Resource :

Salmon Sushi Roll : What’s a better way to enjoy the great union of rice and raw-fish than having a Salmon Sushi Roll! It is a mixture of smoked salmon, avocado, fresh salmon and many other ingredients. This is one of the appetizing foods I can …

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Image of the Week : Poutine Canadian Dish

June 23, 2015

Niagara Falls Canada

Poutine Canadian Dish | Image Resource :

Poutine Canadian Dish : One of the best things about travelling for business is that I get to taste food from different regions of the world. On my recent travel I was introduced to Poutine the Canadian dish made with French fries covered wi…

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Delicious Food From My Polish Journey : Zurek Soup

February 10, 2015

Zurek Soup

Zurek Soup | Image Resource :

Zurek Soup : Zurek soup is a traditional Polish food and is made from fermenting rye flour and bread crusts are also used in it. There was a sour taste and I heard that it is made as a traditional dish especially during the Easter…

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Delicious Dish of The Week : Zrazy Dish Poland

January 2, 2015

Zrazy Dish Poland

Zrazy Dish Poland | Image Resource :

Zrazy Dish Poland : Zrazy is a popular dish from Poland. It is similar to the meat roulade served in many European countries. It is one of the most delicious beef dishes I had ever tasted. It is often served with bacon or pickle. You can also …

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Favorite dish of Poland : Pierogi

November 30, 2014


Pierogi | Image Resource :

Pierogi : I was very excited about our Poland trip. Poland is a beautiful country and one of my cousins stays there, so I always wanted to check out Poland. During my Poland trip, I checked out this amazing dish called the “Pierogi". It is one of the …

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