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Great Residence Hotel Bangkok – Making My Visit Memorable and Magical

June 24, 2014

I landed just on the designated time in the evening and took one of the local cabs to Great Residence Hotel Bangkok, the hotel with the impressive outdoor pool. Yes, the reason I am particularly talking about the swimming pool and no other feature of the hotel is the pool that one sprawling visual I could see, which made me have reservations here. It looked very inviting even in the lifeless pictures. I stepped in the Bangkok Airport and it reminded me of all things Thai, the most important thing being the Thai Spa. Thai foot massages are like world famous. Though, we have had plenty of such parlors in India now too, the authentic massages that are Bangkok special would not be found anywhere else.

 Great Residence Hotel Bangkok

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It did not take me long to reach the hotel from the airport. There were a lot of things that I was awaiting in Bangkok, one of which is the ride in the tuk-tuk, the famous local auto-rickshaw kind of ride that is famous in this region. But first things had to come first and I approached the hotel reception to finish the check-in formalities. It was swift. Soon, I was shown to my room where the luxury awaited me, a comfy bed in an elegant décor setting. Much like the lobby which had been very captivating, my room also spelled awesome in capital letters. I settled and freshened up and though I would have liked to hit the Bangkok night scene but the fatigue of the journey coerced me to remain indoors. I ordered food.

There is simply no dearth of Indian items and I could figure a lot of regular Indian items apart from choices of world cuisines. Among the various pamphlets kept in the room, there is the enticing massages rate chart as well, I would not have mind some massage but it had become kind of late after dinner and all so I resisted. The next day, I had plans to go to Wat Phra Kaew Thailand to kick start my Thailand trip.

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