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Hotel Castle Inn, Warsaw - The Recherché of Grandeur

December 23, 2014

Reaching at Warsaw wasn’t that hefty affair, thanks to the Emirates Airways which made it possible! As we reached at the capital city, my eyes looked for the best accommodation. But I had already booked rooms in a hotel for very obvious reasons. The first reason was I did not want to waste more of our time in searching for hotel rooms and finally land up in a ‘not-so-interesting’ dwelling. Therefore the job of room booking was made completed in India itself, much before we started our journey.

We took a cab from the Warsaw International Airport and it dropped us straight at the Hotel Castle Inn, Warsaw in the heart of the city. The hotel also has close proximity to several other lookout places of the country which added to the excitement. The infrastructure of the hotel was pleasing and therefore I was delighted that I had chosen such a perfect dwelling place for me and my pals.  

Hotel Castle Inn, Warsaw

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The hotel shares a closer distance with the Old Town Square, Royal Castle, National Theatre, St. Kazimierz Church etc. Furthermore, there were also several big malls in the central place of the city which was a true present for me. The Warsaw Uprising Monument is also nearby.

As soon as we reached the hotel, we got inside to check in. The property is very well located in a conventional place and it was quite easy for us to locate it. The hotel has Standard Single, Standard Classic, Deluxe Classic and Deluxe Family rooms which are furnished very well and fit every kind of travelers. Each and every room in the hotel is fitted with high end amenities and the joy of availing a pleasurable staying place was overwhelming.

In Hotel Castle Inn, Warsaw we took Standard Classic rooms and each of the rooms had one double bed. The extra frills that the room contained were a good television set, a mini bar, well furnished furniture, upholsteries and beds. The rooms were painted with decent colors and the charisma was super thrilling. Being a junkie for awesome food, I did enjoy all the lip smacking Polish dishes that I could during my stay.

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