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Living the Dreams at the Hilton Hotel, Chicago

April 9, 2015

The Hilton Hotel in Chicago is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. It is a piece of history. The origins of the hotel can be traced back to 1927. The hotel has seen and survived the Second World War serving as a base for the United States Air Force. 

The hotel has the unique distinction of serving and hosting every US president since 1927. The hotel was built with French architectural models and is the third largest in terms of number of room in entire Chicago, which trust me, has some magnanimous constructions. The Hilton Hotel Chicago is the first of a chain of hotels spread across the world. 

The hotel was bought by Conrad Hilton in 1951 who gave the hotel its modern form and also its modern name. The hotel can be booked through a variety of modes including online booking. It is important that you book a room as early as you can if you wish to stay at the Hilton.

Hilton Hotel, Chicago

Hilton Hotel, Chicago | Image Resource :

Bedroom in Hilton Hotel, Chicago

Bedroom in Hilton Hotel, Chicago | Image Resource :

Although the hotel has a mammoth 1543 rooms and suits in total yet it is difficult to find a reservation because of its fame and popularity. The hotel is a familiar name in Hollywood and political arenas of US. The hotel has been at the center stage in a number of democratic conventions and political movements. 

Staying at the Hilton Hotel Chicago is an experience beyond description. It is a premium luxury hotel where state guests like Tony Blair and US presidents like Bill Clinton have stayed on more than one occasions, hence it would be stupid to describe the facilities and luxuries available at the hotel. The most unique feature of the hotel is 460 square meter Conrad Hilton Suite which spans across two floors T3 and T4 of the hotel. A night’s stay at the suite would cost you a whopping 7200 dollars, but stay assured that will be money worth spent.

Lobby in Hilton Hotel, Chicago

Lobby in Hilton Hotel, Chicago | Image Resource :

I stayed in a single bedroom room which I had booked using the best hotel app available online. I also enjoyed food along with my friends at the three different restaurants in the hotel. The variety of food available at these restaurants left us amazed. You could even eat Indian cuisine cooked to perfection. I then went for a game of billiards and it was a thrilling experience. Finally we attended a musical in the ball room which was just breathtaking.

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