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Some Alone Time At Terra Ventura Hotel Resort Spa Gondorf

December 12, 2015

I was having a total fun time in Germany; however I could feel something missing. I actually recollected that I didn’t rest properly from the beginning of the journey. My mind was feeling dumb and my body was aching. I wanted a place where I could relax and spend some “me time”. I then came to know about Terra Ventura Hotel Resort Spa Gondorf from my friend who works in Germany.

Terra Ventura Hotel Resort Spa Gondorf | Image Resource :

He told me about the discount he can get for me, so I made a decision to check in the said resort. I hired a cab and reached the resort by 11 am in the morning. I was hungry, so while the check in process was going on I ordered a cup of tea.

The staff was friendly and I could feel the warmth from their smiles and helpful attitude. I checked in the room, it was comfy and wonderful. Well, the charge was affordable and I would say that a stay in Terra Ventura is a good value for money.

While I was relaxing with my book after breakfast, someone knocked the door. Surprise, it was my friend Pinto who got me discounts! I didn’t expect him and was glad to have him by my side. We headed to have a meal at the Wendorff restaurant of the resort. The food was yummy, we had a long chat, and soon he was gone.

In the evening, I decided to get a massage and relax my body in the pool. The spa given to me awakened all my senses, and I was feeling simply great! Then I straight away landed in the pool and settled down for a while. It is so good to be alone sometime, away from the country, people and the outside world, this is the reason I enjoy solo trips.

Swimming Pool at Terra Ventura Hotel Resort Spa Gondorf | Image Resource :

The resort had many facilities for the guests such as pool, sports, spa and so on. I had my dinner by 8 pm in another restaurant Eifelblick and then was back in my room. I sent a thank you message to my friend and dozed off immediately. I planned my next day to visit a popular castle! Till then, I wanted a deep sleep.


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