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The Hazelton Hotel : My Abode at Toronto

June 11, 2015

As I reached the Toronto airport I already had a cab waiting to take me to the hotel that I had booked for my stay in the city. I surfed through the website of many popular travel organizers and also of many famous hotels of Toronto and finally made my choice to reside at the Hazelton Hotel Toronto

Thanks to the hotel deals app that runs on any android or ios or windows operating system that I got a comparative analysis of all the popular places where I could boo my stay for this trip. The hotel deals app is extremely user friendly app that enabled me to make my reservations on the go. Even the mode of payment is very convenient and secure.

Hazelton Hotel Exterior

Hazelton Hotel Exterior | Image Resource :

Hazelton Hotel Entrance

Hazelton Hotel Entrance | Image Resource :

A beautiful and luxurious hotel of this city, the Hazelton Hotel Toronto is located at 118 Yorkville Ave, Toronto in Canada. It is a refined property that serves vacationers from all across the globe who come to visit Toronto. The rooms of this hotel are extremely posh and it also offers very classy suites to its patrons. Apart from the well furnished, spacious and well equipped rooms the hotel also serves guests in its fine dine restaurant that offers mouth watering cuisines. I am a foodie and this was the thing that lured me even more.

Lobby in Hazelton Hotel

Lobby in Hazelton Hotel | Image Resource :

Bedroom in Hazelton Hotel

Bedroom in Hazelton Hotel | Image Resource :

Moreover the Hazelton hotel also comprises of a full service spa where residents can relax and rejuvenate themselves. There is also an attractive and exquisite art collection that adds to the proud possessions of this luxurious hotel.

Restaurant in Hazelton Hotel

Restaurant in Hazelton Hotel | Image Resource :

The hotel staffs are also very courteous and well mannered and are always ready to help. The room service is prompt and the hotel also offers pick up services to its tenants. This five star hotel of Toronto also offers doctor on call, tea and coffee making facilities and a lot more to add to the comfort of customers. I was quite satisfied with the services offered by the hotel Hazelton and was pretty sure I was going to have a very lavish stay here. Hereafter I was all geared up to explore the city.

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