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Driving Like Celebs at the Volo Auto Museum

April 30, 2015

The Volo Auto Museum was our last stop in this memorable trip to Chicago, Illinois. Having seen the night life of Chicago, we now wanted to see the suburbs of the state of Illinois. The most beautiful scenes can be seen from the Volo Auto Museum.
One gets an opportunity to drive in vintage and luxury cars through the field of Illinois. The Volo museum was established in the year 1960 and since then its collection has just gone bigger and bigger. The museum has some unique cars driven by personalities with wide acclaim. The collection also includes some bizarre models which are just too good to miss.

The Volo Auto Museum is essential to the identity of Chicago. The automobile industry of the state of Illinois has always been a major proponent of the American Success Story. This region has revolutionized the car production industry and taught the world of lessons of the production line. The conveyer belt was successfully used in the city of Chicago during the post World War era.

Volo Auto Museum Chicago

Volo Auto Museum Chicago | Image Resource :

The collection included cars from several Hollywood hits. The Ashton Martin used in James Bond Movies and the Charger used in Fast and Furious are the most popular exhibits. Several cars conceptualised by Walt Disney and portrayed in the Loony toons show are also on display. These are extremely popular among the younger visitors of the Volo Auto Museum.

Volo Cars

Volo Cars | Image Resource :

In this journey to Chicago I travelled to all corners of the city along with my friends. We saw the cultural heritage of the city and the state of Illinois. The weather was always beautiful and extremely comfortable. The city offered great opportunities for entertainment. The cuisine included not only authentic American food but influences from all around the world showing the cosmopolitan nature of the city of Chicago. The city also has a number of educational and learning centers. In our trip to the Michigan Avenue we saw the entire Museum complex. The suburban trips to Navy Pier and then the Volo Auto museum complemented our trip so far beautifully. We leave the city of Chicago fully satisfied and in good spirits.

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