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National Air Force Museum of Canada : A Tribute to the Brave Souls

May 29, 2015

After visiting the two famous national parks of Canada, the Prince Edward Island national park and the Elk Island national park I decided to visit the memorial of honour of the Air force of Canada.  

The national Air Force museum of Canada is one of the most popular tourist attractions off the country. It is located at 220 RCAF Road in Trenton in the Ontario province of Canada. It remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and for the rest of the week days the museum is open to visitors from 10 am to 5 pm.

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This eminent national museum dedicated to the Air force was formerly known as the RCAF memorial museum. It is built with the view to preserve the glorious history of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Halifax bomber that is exhibited in this aviation museum is its main attraction. Apart from it the museum houses an excellent collection of aircrafts and memorabilia pertaining to the past of the Canadian Air Force. It lies on the route from Toronto to Gananoque and is easily commutable via public transport.

The museum staff is very courteous and informative apart from it all the exhibits are explicitly labelled which offers a very knowledgeable experience to visitors. Starting from the outdoors that consist of marvellously restored aircrafts the whole museum is a world of its own.  It is a token of respect to the brave and courageous servicemen and women who devote their lives for the security and happiness of their countrymen.

This national aviation museum of Canada was established in the year 1984 and proudly cherishes artefacts, memorabilia, pictures, documents and paintings of the splendid past of the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

Some of its collections that are on public display are Auster AOP6 VF-582- trainer, Bell CH 135 Twin Huey 135102- utility helicopter, Burgess – Dunne (full scale model), Douglas C- 47 Dakota 12963- transport, McDonnell Douglas CF – 18 Hornet 188911- Fighter and many more aircrafts that are restored and kept on public display.  Apart from these the museum also houses 29 memorials and cairns dedicated to the Canadian Air force units and Squadrons.



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