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Old Town Market Place Warsaw – Nestled in the Phoenix City

February 6, 2015

Present in the town of culture and richness and miss the rebuilt rack and ruin? Not fare, eh? Well, we thought the same, so out we went with our backpacks and pockets full of money to explore Poland’s capital city and its market place! As quoted by my hotel manager, “This UNESCO world heritage site is not to be missed,” I’d say he was right!

Starting empty stomach’s a sin! And owing to the rich café culture of the city, we were compelled to try the aromatic Polish dishes and one of the best smoothies in the town! We were well aware of various site seeing tours available, but taking advice bestowed, we decided to walk and explore the 18th century charm. It’s a quick walk from the Stare Miasto tram stop.

As history states, Warsaw was completely ruined after the World War II. But it was bold enough to come up with even prettier works of architecture that leaves you gaping till date. The true heart of the city, as it is known as, is clustered with traditional vendors showcasing craft items your fingers would itch to buy, and our bags certainly itched to own, and perfumers intoxicating you with their stuff!

Old Town Market Place Warsaw

Old Town Market Place Warsaw | Image Resource :

Right from the Warsaw Historical museum to the café’s established since time immemorial, we had a time of delight and fun, the square constantly impressing upon us the sheer destruction and reconstruction that took place after the war. A pure time of ecstasy and an aura of pleasure were constant whereas a cup of special beer or traditional fare varied.

Mermaid Statue in Old Town Square Warsaw

Mermaid Statue in Old Town Square Warsaw | Image Resource :

And then came an explicit meeting with Warsaw Mermaid Monument, whose home was not originally the square but the legend joining her to the city made it obvious that here’s where she fits!

After snooping with Polish Folk Costumes and buying polish paper art and dolls as souvenirs, we were content enough to leave the eatables and shopping stalls alone and move on to enjoy the breezy afternoon while observing the history of the buildings. Beautiful, pricy restaurants could be seen opening up terrace views. And sticking to our foodie nature, our feet turned the wrong way! But the food turned out to be excellent; though I would not suggest it people who want to have explicitly traditional stuff!

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