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A shot at the ultimate questions : Adler Planetarium

March 31, 2015

We now embark further into our journey at the Museum Complex in Michigan Avenue. The mysteries of the universe have always made me curious. In fact questions regarding the origins and the ultimate fate of the universe must pass through every human beings mind.

The answers to these questions bring meaning to our monotonous lives and bring us all together. Reaching for the heavens above we have always dreamt of what it would be to sit on a star, rush through the skies on the back of a comet, or for the more science savvy amongst us, what an endeavour would it be to fall into a black hole.

Adler Planetarium Chicago

Adler Planetarium Chicago | Image Resource :

My friends and I were truly curious and thrilled at the beginning of our trip to the Adler Planetarium in Michigan Avenue, Chicago. The Adler Planetarium was established and opened for the public in the year 1920 like many other museums in the Museum Compound.  It is located in the Northerly Island in the Lake Michigan. The Adler Planetarium is one of the few planetariums in the world where active research is being pursued. The Adler Planetarium is also home to the Doane Observatory.

The sundial in front of Adler Planetarium Chicago

The sundial in front of Adler Planetarium Chicago | Image Resource :

The Solar System Gallery, in the Sky Pavilion of the Adler Planetarium Chicago

The Solar System Gallery, in the Sky Pavilion of the Adler Planetarium Chicago | Image Resource :

We tried to see most of the exhibitions at the planetarium, but soon realised that the immense premises could not be covered in a single day. We began with the classic 3D show named The Universe: A journey through space and time. The unique show had original pictures taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. We then went for the Shoot for the Moon exhibition. The main attraction of the show was the display actual pieces from the moon, and moon dust.

The Solar System Exhibition had rocks from Ceres and Vesta, the largest asteroids in the solar system. The Looking through the Glasses exhibition featured the development of telescopes since the days of Galileo and the way they had contributed towards space exploration. The best part was waiting for us; we went to the Doane observatory after dark and became a part of Adler after Dark show where professional astronomers guided us through the wonders of the night sky. It was a truly fulfilling experience indeed.

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