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Air Travel by Jet Airways from Mumbai to Dubai - My Experience

March 16, 2014

Traveling has always been a part of me. Luxurious air travel is not a very big thing for me, but I spend my hard earned money judiciously. Nevertheless, being a lover of adventure and traveling, I decided to take up a tour to Dubai with friends last winter. As I am writing down now, I can recall all those beautiful moments I spent in Dubai, right from the flight journey to the end of the trip. We traveled in Jet Airways from Mumbai to Dubai. We boarded from Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai and reached Dubai International Airport on the same day.

Jet Airways is known for providing convenient traveling options to its patrons by making all the facilities available to them. I enjoyed my journey thoroughly as it was quite restful and relaxing.

Jet Airlines connects to the major parts of the country in its domestic destinations. However, flights also find their locations in majority of international destinations. The Jet flights connect to as many as 21 international destinations, which include Southeast Asia, Canada and Europe. Among the Southeast Asian countries, places like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Salalah, etc., are covered by the flights.

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While we were on board, we were provided all the luxurious things, which one would require for a perfect luxurious travel. We were traveling in the Business class, but there were other classes in the flight such as the Economy Class and First Class, where people could enjoy the similar type of facilities with little frills.

The Business Class cabins were fully furnished with large and spacious leg space. The seats were large and comfortable enough to enjoy long-haul routes. Entertaining movies, songs, videos, games and news were available on the board, which one could avail from the audio-visual units available in the back of each seat. Apart from all these, scrumptious Indian meal was also served within the flight. Perhaps it was my last Indian meal before we landed in Dubai and hence, I relished it with utmost contentment.

Jet Airways flights provide you an awesome journey filled with all sorts of comfort of the world. You can enjoy reading magazines, do shopping in the air and also listen to your favorite music while on board.

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