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Air Travel from Mumbai to Malaysia by Jet Airways - Reflects the Distinct Services of Crew Members

April 25, 2014

The world-class services of Jet Airways have always attracted me and so I chose their flights for travelling to Malaysia. My air travel from Mumbai to Malaysia by Jet Airways was an awe-inspiring experience. I was overwhelmed with the thought of landing at Kuala Lumpur. Its atmosphere was simply mesmerizing me. Those eight to ten hours were my long-lasting memories and are still as fresh as they were. Our flight’s departure was at late night and was supposed to take off at 11.55 pm, so we had our dinner in our favorite restaurant. I decided to travel with three of my childhood friends and we cherish each other’s company very well. We reached the Chatrapatti Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai and checked in directly for the security check as we already possessed the Boarding Pass day before through the web check in process. The excitement was taking new leaps for all of us.

Chatrapatti Shivaji International Airport Mumbai | Image Resource :

Jet Airways
Jet Airways | Image Resource :

It was a flight journey of eight hours approximately and we had enough time to plan for the journey ahead. The Jet Airways flight for Malaysia was totally stupefying and we were overwhelmed with the ambience. I have travelled a lot to different destinations across the globe but this was distinct. I always adore the cabin crew of Jet Airways as they have the caliber to interact and conduct everything with patience and smile. Their assistance in any petite situation was highly appreciable. I have seen the crew members accompanying the senior citizens, pregnant women and infants and always been touched by their services. We enjoyed our complimentary meals and beverages. They were extremely delicious as well as fresh. I utilized the flat bed facility of the seat and the music system enabled me to relax my mind and body and enjoy a good time. I was so relaxed and could feel the inner bliss that I missed in the busy city.

Kuala Lumpur Airport
Kuala Lumpur Airport | Image Resource :

It was almost 6:30 am and we woke up fresh, staring at Malaysia outside. Finally the time to land at the Kuala Lumpur airport arrived. I will always remember my air travel from Mumbai to Malaysia by Jet Airways.

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