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Air Travel from Mumbai to Thailand by Bangkok Airways - Sawasdee Ka Bangkok

June 5, 2014

Cyrus Irani - a businessman, an adventure lover, a wanderer, I can be called any of these things but certainly not a ‘Paw wala’ as most of my close friends would like to refer to me. Travel for me is my life; I love to travel to all the famous places and all the lesser known ones too. This trip of mine was to Bangkok - the shopping capital of sorts for all things cheap - there are cheap clothes, cheap electronics, cheap wares and cheap sex! But, that is not all; the islands around Bangkok have immense beauty and offer adventure sports, which are more or less safe. All through my air travel from Mumbai to Bangkok, I kept thinking of the opportunities that I would get to parasail and indulge in water sports that I keep thirsting for despite living in an ocean-bound city like Mumbai. The Mumbai Bangkok cheap air tickets can be found on the web as well.

Bangkok Airways

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While travelling to Bangkok may qualify as foreign travel but when you come aboard a Bangkok departing flight, you would realize that is hardly the feel that you will get. Since the tickets are priced at not more than 21,525 rupees per person and the fact that Bangkok is cheap as far as hotels and eateries are concerned, is seems to be the most crowded sector for Indians. There is a huge Indian community in Bangkok too. Also, a class of people who you will invariably find in the Bangkok flights is the carriers or the transporters or some of the suppliers who purchase goods from Bangkok and get it to India to sell it to the shopkeepers in India. Nevertheless, I was excited because Bangkok for me held different opportunities and I was looking forward to them.

‘Sawasdee Ka’, a perennial Thai greeting welcomed me in the flight and yes, this ensured me that I was in the correct flight! Though I could not get Mumbai Bangkok cheap air tickets, the comfort was worthy of the price. My air travel from Mumbai to Bangkok Thailand by Bangkok Airways took about 4 hours and 20 minutes and exactly that much amount of time later I was at the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok to enjoy a trip which I had meticulously planned.


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