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Ancient Remains Are the Main Attractions of Monte Albán Mexico

October 24, 2015

The last destination in our list was the Monte Albán Mexico which is regarded to be one of the biggest pre-Columbian archaeological sites located in Oaxaca on the southern side of Mexico. I was extremely excited to visit the site as it is extremely popular among hikers, bird watchers and joggers.

The city of Monte Albán Mexico plays an important role in the country’s history as it has been in existence since the discovery of Mesoamerica. It falls under the supervision of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan Municipality and occupies a land comprising of low mountainous ranges.

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It is present in the central part of Valley of Oaxaca which serves as the meeting poit of northern Etla, southern Ocotlan and Zimatlan and eastern Tlacolula. Monte Alban Mexico is actually a ceremonial center located over a man-made ridge at a height of around 1,940m over the sea level.

Apart from the main monumental core, the area is made up of hundreds of artificial terraces and clusters of piled up architecture extending over the surrounding flanks and the entire ridgeline. It also comprises of archaeological ruins of El Gallo hills and Atzompa on its northern side.

The city has been an integral part of the economical and social affairs of the country for more than thousand years. There are reports which show that the city came into existence as early as 500 BC during the latter part of Middle Formative period. At the end of the Terminal Formative period ranging from 100 BC to 200 AD, Monte Alban had grown in stature to become one of the most inhabited regions of the Oaxacan highlands. However, the city was massively abandoned during the end of Late Classic era ranging from 500AD to 750AD.

Pyramid Temple at Monte Alban Mexico | Image Resource :

The arrival of t he colonial rule however resulted in the generation of small scale industries and opportunistic utilization of various tombs and structures present. One of the unique features of Monte Alban Mexico is that it has several monuments carved out of big stones. For instance, there is the Building L which has carvings representing naked men in twisted and contored poses. The Building J on the other hand is represented by a peculiar arrow like structure.

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