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Art At Its Very Best At National Gallery Of Victoria, Melbourne

July 20, 2015

The next was a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria. NGV is the oldest art gallery opened for public in Melbourne, Australia. The art gallery is located on Southbank and operates across Federation Square and St. Kilda Road; located in the heart of Arts Precinct (Melbourne) of Southbank. It is open from 10 AM to 5 PM and is closed on Tuesdays.

National Gallery Of Victoria Melbourne | Image Resoyurce :

This Gallery not only houses paintings, but the school that once operated from here has given Australia some of its most famous and renowned artists. Victoria was not only the richest colony in Australia but also has the privilege of purchasing both International and Australian works from old as well as modern masters. The Gallery currently has more than 70,000 unique art-works out of which around 15,000 were bought in the year 1904 through the will of Alfred Felton.

National Gallery Of Victoria  | Image Resoyurce :

Although, Australia is blessed with natural beauty and serene landscapes, it becomes even richer from an art point of view with National Gallery of Victoria. Visiting Australia remains incomplete if you miss this art gallery in Melbourne. It has magnificent and very impressive works in forms of paintings, pictures and photographs. Some of the art works are master-pieces known distinctively for their amazing quality, imagination and precision in painting.

Here, I could see artworks by famous masters such as Picasso, Ribera, Rodin, Veronese, Manet, Bernini, Constable, Correggio, etc., all housed here under the International collection. The Australian artwork comprises of works by John Glover, George W. Lambert, John Russell, Dr. Joseph Brown, Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts; to name a few from legendary artists.

National Gallery of Victoria Paintings | Image Resoyurce :

And this gallery also contains a special treat for photography buffs like me. Famous paintings by Hans Memling, Jacopo Tintoretto, Rembrandt, etc. are nicely complemented by the photography collection. This photography collection was dedicated to National Gallery of Victoria in year 1967 and is also amongst the first in world curatorial department for a public library.

All these works attempt to seek one’s attention. If you are a person who truly admires art, then this place is a must visit. The collection is voluminous and unique; to let yourself in of true art glory. Moreover, the location and easy transit makes this place well in reach even for new tourists. I enjoyed a memorable visit to this gallery.


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