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Australian Centre For Contemporary Art - A Centre For Rich Heritage And Beauty!

July 13, 2015

During my trip to Australia, visiting numerous destinations and places such as the Luna Park, I planned to experience the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. It took me around 20 minutes to reach the destination from my resort. But as I entered, it turned out to be quite an exciting place.


Australian Centre For Contemporary Art's Entrance | Image Resource :

And it was not exciting only because of its collection; it was so because of the way in which its buildings were designed. The place had a huge building from the outside, but inside, only two rooms were present. I could not help wonder, “Is this the centre for contemporary art?” Asking the receptionist, I got the chance to know that it was the only major public art gallery located in Australia that is focussed on commissioning rather than collecting.

Australian Centre For Contemporary Art | Image Resource :

With the history of over 30 years, the ACCA helps bring together the latest and most significant artworks by the living artists. The building was completed in 2002 and is now considered as the Melbourne Architectural icon.

When I reached the end of the session, I was presented with a digitized video. It incorporated all the exhibitions and artifacts that had been on display over the last 30 years. I came to know about the past of this art centre; how it was established back in the year 1983 with only three small rooms.

ACCA| Image Resource :

The officials gave me and my friends a detailed explanation of what their future endeavours were and what they plan to achieve. ACCA, most of the time, works with Australian specialists who have a demonstrated level of believability and discovers chances to help convey the same by following that level in their practice.

It emphatically stresses on showcasing Australian artists' new works, a considerable lot of which have gone ahead to be incorporated in accumulations of major Australian and worldwide foundations or acquired by private benefactors (with price being paid to the Artists).
This place is heaven for the art lovers as they get to see the forms of contemporary art as well as its progress.


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