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Bangkok National Museum - A Walk in the Corridors of Ancient Past of Thailand

July 3, 2014

The history of the city Bangkok dates back to the Early Stone Age! And there is proof that proves this statement, which is put as exhibits in the Bangkok National Museum. There is a millennium of findings that have been recorded in the premises, which gives a great insight into the earliest history of the land. The ones which prove its link to the earliest stone ages have been discovered from Mae Hong Son and Lampang in the north of Thailand and also towards the south of Krabi. The museum is set among fine landscaping making it look very attractive from the outside. The building itself had been the palace of the King and also was called the Front Palace.

 Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok National Museum | Image Resource :

Established in the year 1874 to demonstrate and exhibit the relics from the period of King Rama IV, King Rama V is recorded to be its benefactor. Of the three exhibition halls, the first had some cannons on display in its exterior flanking the entrance. This is the Siwamokhaphiman Hall. It has on display the Thai History and is suitably referred to as the Thai History Gallery. The next one that I went to was the chapel called the Buddhaisawan Chapel. Inside, there were several murals that depicted the life of Buddha as scenes which involved his day to day living. The last imposing structure is famous for being the residence of Princess Sri Sudarak, who was the sibling of King Rama I. With an architecture that is distinct of the typical Bangkok style, the place exhibits the unique lifestyle of the people of Thailand. Interestingly, it holds some of the personal items of the princess too, which can be viewed by tourists.

 National Museum Bangkok

National Museum Bangkok | Image Resource :

The Bangkok National Museum is a part of the heritage of the land now and holds a place of great significance to help reconstruct the story of the people of this land. Once I finished touring the entire premise, I made way to the Rayong Aquarium Thailand to see yet another popular attraction of the city. I am sure I will find the place packed with visitors as it was regarded as very promising for the people interested in marine life.

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