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Bukit Bintang Malaysia - The Perfect Domain for Shopaholics

May 19, 2014

Malaysia is a blend of a developing nation and a modern world with natural as well as manmade resources. It is accounted as one of Southeast Asia’s richer nations. Its huge investments and contribution in oil wealth and industries combined with high technology, has popularized it in the world of business. The Bukit Bintang Malaysia is among the top shopping destinations of the world. The worldwide brands that are available in the malls and shopping complex of this destination are the source of international business. Customers from all over the globe find it the most happening and fascinating business domain.

Bukit Bintang Malaysia

Bukit Bintang Malaysia | Image Resource :

Being a businessman, what else could be the perfect place for me rather than this? My temptations were crossing their limits; I was worried of my extravagancy. It is a complete package of entertainment and nightlife for the tourists all over the world. The fifth largest building in the world and Kuala Lumpur’s largest shopping mall is Times Square. I was overwhelmed with the infrastructure when I first entered the mall. It is huge and spellbinding. The 10 enormous floors and more than 1000 shops and restaurants feature the gigantic and spectacular view of the mansion. It is the best and the first mall in Malaysia that offers products in an economical range. Believe me, if you want to have cheap shopping in Kuala Lumpur, you must travel to Time Square.

 Times Square Malaysia

Times Square Malaysia | Image Resource :

Inside Times Square Malaysia

Inside Times Square Malaysia | Image Resource :

There are uncountable discount shops on every floor that display clothing, accessories, kids wear, footwear, stationery shops, computer game shops, jewelry stores and many others. A whole day can be easily spent at this place. A number of delicious food items in innumerable restaurants are also available for the shoppers. Plaza Low Yat is another biggest domain of cheap electronics and IT items in Kuala Lumpur to buy items like digital camera, computer peripherals, iPod, etc. Sungei Wang Plaza is well-known for its trendy and fashionable jewelry stores and accessories for teens. A large number of boutiques are there to shop for fashionable clothes at cheaper rates.

Plaza Low Yat Malaysia

Plaza Low Yat Malaysia | Image Resource :

Sungei Wang Plaza Malaysia

Sungei Wang Plaza Malaysia | Image Resource :

I was so confused of where to end because the stuffs that were available in Bukit Bintang Malaysia were so reasonable and accessible that assortment was becoming harder for me.




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