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Burj Khalifa, Dubai - The Tallest Structure Till Date

March 20, 2014

I arrived at Dubai on a Saturday evening. That night I decided to stay and relax in my hotel room as I had already planned the schedule for the next day. Dubai is a place where one would get to see sky scrapers, biggest malls and loads of entertainment places. I was elated that I had finally arrived at Dubai.

On the Sunday morning, I decided to make a visit to Burj Khalifa, which is also known as Khalifa Tower in Dubai. This tower is considered to be the tallest man-made sky scrapper ever made. To see it once in a lifetime was my wish. I went to Burj Khalifa as I had also learnt the sunrise and sunset view is best caught at this place. I was lucky enough to have reached at the right time as the tickets usually get sold out. I bought a ticket, which approximately costs 125 DH. As I had arrived early in the morning, I could enjoy the sunrise quiet conveniently. There were not many people during that time and hence, it was not difficult to get a ticket either.

 Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai | Image Resource :

The Burj Khalifa was designed in the year 2009 and it became public and opened for the general crowd after 2012. The architecture of this long tower is made in such a way that in spite of having such height, the tower stands still devoid of any rupture or damage. This tall structure has an entire height of 2722 feet.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai | Image Resource :

Visiting the entire Burj Khalifa in a single day is not humanly possible. The tower goes high up to the sky and constitutes of a few of the major malls, shops, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and a large man-made lake. I tried to finish as many places as I could visit. But I had to stop at each destination where I found some very good things for shopping. Moreover, being a diehard foodie and a great lover of multiple cuisines, I stopped almost in every food stall to learn a little more about the styles.

I stayed there till the evening as I wanted to check the view of sunset and also enjoy the lights that illuminate the city. It was a breathtaking moment and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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