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Cameron Highlands Malaysia - The Talk of Every Town

May 15, 2014

I could not believe that I was wandering in one of my dream destinations. From the time we fetched the flight for Kuala Lumpur, every moment was precious and full of excitement in Malaysia. This was my first abroad trip with friends and I wanted to make it worthwhile. We decided everything prior to travelling. Cameron Highlands Malaysia was among one of the attractions of Malaysia that was listed in our agenda.

Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cameron Highlands Malaysia | Image Resource :

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation | Image Resource :

Firstly, when we reached the Highlands, we were enthralled by the weather and landscapes of the small district, Pahang, part of state’s north western corner. It was one kind of English village and the highlands fling the atmosphere of bliss and serenity. It is the perfect admirable place for people who want to escape the hot and humid climate of the lowlands. Immense farmlands are dotted with diversified fruits and vegetables. Nowhere in Malaysia would anybody find such flourishing tea plantations and gorgeous flowers. I learnt that the temperature there could sometimes drop to 16 degrees centigrade, thanks to its location at an altitude of 1500 meters on the Titiwangsa Range. We already had some travel tips regarding the place. It was suggested that we should plan our trip during off-peak season as the school holidays make the place crowded. The prices of goods in Malaysia are reasonable when compared to Singapore.

Royal Pahang Golf Club Malaysia

Royal Pahang Golf Club Malaysia | Image Resource :

I was unknown with the fact of fairs and festivals of Malaysia but experienced them after coming to the place. The people, the culture, the traditions, the food, etc., are so well preserved that no one would like to escape from them. I was totally lost in the allure of Cameron Highlands Malaysia. The cascading streams, enchanting atmosphere and birds chirping were some of the enthralling features of the Highlands. Although the place is located in the countryside, the network accessibility exists all the time from mobile phones or internet cafes. The cuisines and delicacies are simply out of the world. Bidding farewell to the Highlands, we directly traveled to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, to the place whose name exists in the top business directory of Malaysia.

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