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Chiang Mai Zoo Thailand - A Picturesque Zoo to Enthrall Anyone

July 17, 2014

This day was especially a little remorseful for me because the trip would end with this last sightseeing - the Chiang Mai Zoo Thailand. This facility too is a great attraction for all ages. More so, they say it is located on the foot of the hills so I am sure the view from above would be worth the trip. Since this was the last day, I had made sure that all my packing had been done on time so that while the sightsee touring, I would not have any tension thinking I was not prepared for the flight. A little shopping in the nearby Mall had resulted in great amount of packages for friends, relatives and close ones. After all, a trip to Bangkok and one would not carry gifts back; that would be unacceptable.

Chiang Mai Zoo, Thailand | Image Resource :

Looking at the animals in familiar setting of their habitats must make them very comfortable, I guess. I, amongst others craned my neck to look at the various animals while they rested in their little enclosures built for their conveniences. There are some familiar ones while there are some animals whose information and species are written on the placard nearby. As such the facility is neat and good with arrows for direction to each area that I went to. I had taken the map at the counter near the entrance which guided me though the park. There is an apt amount of greenery around the premise which was a great relief in the heat in which people were touring the place. Along with the enclosures, there is also a cafeteria close by which provided refreshments for the tourists.

Animal in Chiangmai Zoo | Image Resource :

Chiang Mai Zoo | Image Resource :

Chiang Mai Zoo Thailand had been the correct concluding journey for me. As I made my way away from the facility, I thought about all the time spent here in Bangkok cumulatively. It had been awesome fun and a trip that would continue to haunt me for the enchanting places that I had visited. Given a chance I would like to return again but preferably in winters when the sun would not trouble this much. Admittedly, it has been one of the most memorable journeys of mine.

Metro in Chiangmai Zoo, Thailand | Image Resource :

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