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Chilling Out and Cooling Off At the Navy Pier, Chicago

April 24, 2015

The Navy Pier is the largest dock or pier in the state of Illinois. The pier is over a kilometre long, the actual length being 1010 metres. The city of Chicago was one the first planned city in the states and the pier was a part of its plan. Construction began in the pre First World War Era and continued till 1919 showing the propensity of its construction. The pier has served a variety of purposes over the years but its primary worth has been as a docking and cargo facility. The large size and efficient construction made it highly useful. 

Although it saw disuse in the late 60’s after the navy left it, it was again overtaken by the University of Chicago. The real potential of the pier has been only realised in the past few decades as a great entertainment center. In the pre Air Conditioning days it offered a cool place for celebrations and gatherings. The city of Chicago has become a major entertainment capital in the world. Structures such as the Navy Pier have helped to keep people interested in visiting the city. The Pier even has a Tram which is now a symbol of its heritage.

Navy Pier Chicago

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We visited the Navy pier for some pure fun and frolic. The place is just overflowing with energy and excitement. The large 150 ft. diameter Ferris wheel in the Navy Pier Park is a famous attraction. The ride was extremely thrilling, and a view of the beautiful port and city of Chicago is just breathtaking. It is a must for all visiting the state of Illinois. The park is a great amusement center including a water park, a themed theatre and also a large roller coaster.

The Navy Pier is also a great place for those who love ships and heritage of the US Navy. The USS Chicago is docked at the Pier. The cruises on offer at the pier are synonymous with luxury. The Tall Ship Windy, the Odyssey II and Mystic Blue are great dinner cruises. We went for a sea food experience on the calm Chicago port waters on the Mystic Blue Cruise. The experience will remain in our memories for long.

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