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Church Of San Bernardo Mexico - A Symbol of Exquisite Beauty

September 12, 2015

The next destination in our list was the Church of San Bernardo Mexico which is located at a corner formed by venustiano Carranza Street and Avenida 20 de Noviembre near the southern part of the city’s main plaza.

We didn’t have to travel much to reach the church as it was located very close to the National Palace. The naming of the church was derived from a convent which was established in the year 1636. However, the convent had to be closed down due to the La Reforma period when all the monasteries and convents had to be shut in 1861.

Church Of San Bernardo Mexico

Church Of San Bernardo Mexico | Image Resource :

We could easily spot that the only thing that remains inside the complex of the convent is the church itself. The initiatives for building the convent was initially taken by Juan Marquez de Oroco who was a merchant and had left all his money for raising a convent of Cistercian Order.

San Bernardo Church Mexico

San Bernardo Church Mexico | Image Resource :

 It was Jose Retes de Largacha who oversaw all the activities related to the convent and the church after death of Orozo. It was established under the supervision of Orozo’s three sisters and two nuns, who were from the Convent of Regina Coeli.

During the 18th century, it was renovated with the use of geometrically crafted out tezontle stone. The church was the only thing that was left after all the convents and monasteries were demolished or closed during the reform period of Benito Juarez. It was due to the demolition of the church that a new street which is presently known as 20 de Noviembre, was formed. A large portion of the surface of the farcade is built using a red porous volcanic rock called tezontle.

guadalupe statue at san bernardo church

Guadalupe statue at San Bernardo Church | Image Resource :

We could easily make out that the design of the main façade represented the uniqueness found in the Baroque style. Instead of the entire surface, only some sections of the façade were covered with the decorations. Many experts have compared the work done on the Church of San Bernardo Mexico to the filigree crafted out by silversmiths. The main reason for the popularity of the Baroque style is the creation of decorations using a blend of figures of Virgin of Guadalupe and Saint Bernard.




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