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Delve Deep into the Pleasure of Wawel Castle Poland

January 2, 2015

A day at the Tatra National Park was enticing and ended on a very exuberating note. I could not stop asking for it more. But as everything got to end sometime or the other, the first day came to an end too. The next day arrived and I made sure to make every possible arrangement so as to bring the best out of the day and enjoy it thoroughly. The day came with a zeal for visiting the Wawel Castle in the country. The feature of the castle is located at Krakow and is known to be about 228 meters above the seal level.

Heights and Cyrus have a very old bonding. So much so, that I never forget to take in my gliding parachutes with me whenever I am up in the sky. This time it was not an adventurous joy ride but anyhow I managed to grab a glimpse of the endless sky from the top of the castle.


Wawel Castle Poland

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The Wawel castle was built some 150 million years ago. Being located on the banks of the River Vistula, the environment was pleasing and satiating enough to wash away all sorts of boredom and monotony. It was not at all a boring place by the way! It was way too interesting rather. The people from the bygone ages of Paleolithic still persisted there and kept the entire place so lively and cheerful. There being the close proximity of the Vistula River, the marshes and ample sunshine provides an ideal place for people to settle down and continue their daily activities.
The history of the Wawel Castle is quite rich and has some astonishing stories. Two of my friends who still have the habit of listening to stories did some monkey rounds to find out the story of the legends who resided in the castle. I made it a point to listen the stories from them at the hotel.

Apart from all those things that one would love to enjoy at the Wawel Castle, there is this rich collection of art and culture. Therefore the place is also sometimes referred as the Sate of Arts Museum. I had a playful day out there and returning back to hotel was so not exciting!

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