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Dubai Dolphinarium - An Abode for the Aquatics

April 14, 2014

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a place where one gets to know few of the unknown facts about the aquatic species. As I was I Dubai for my fun trip with friends, I tried to cover as many places as I could in just 7 days. I was in the sixth day of my stay and I decided to make a visit to the magnanimous Dolphinarium of Dubai which is probably the only one in the entire world.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium | Image Resource :

The place is meant for family entertainment and education for children. One can learn a lot about the culture of fish, their lifestyle and about various other aquatic species of animals. I could sense a different feeling of joy and enthusiasm as I felt there was some direct connection between me and the mammals of the ocean. It was a close interaction of human beings with the aquatic species in the most unique and lively manner.

Dolphins Play At Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphins Play At Dubai Dolphinarium | Image Resource :

Jumping Dolphins At Dubai Dolphinarium

Jumping Dolphins At Dubai Dolphinarium | Image Resource :

I and friends enjoyed the Live Dolphin Show and the Seal Show which was a 45 minutes long spectacular performance by these lovable breed of mammals. The show was full of action and the animals performed various activities like painting, crawling, playing basketball, singing, juggling, jumping high up the sky to pass through a ring and lots more. The show kept us intact in our seats for a goof 1 hour and as we moved on, we discovered more real features of these animals.

Dolphins are considered to be the most intelligent beings on the earth and therefore their smile always kept me wondering whether they wanted to say me something! The dolphinarium of Dubai is one such place which gives complete entertainment to the whole family and keeps you amused throughout the day. One can never think that dolphins and other innocent animals can even do such performances. But to my astonishment I could see everything just at a single place.

Dolphin Show At Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin Show At Dubai Dolphinarium | Image Resource :

The Dolphinarium of Dubai is spread across an entire area of 5000 square meters which is approximately 5 kilometers in a total coverage area. It is fully air conditioned and provides first class entertainment. With the amazing light and sound system, the shows are livelier. The dolphins stay in their natural habitat and remain in good care which is also a sign of striving for both human beings and aquatic animals.

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