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Dubai Mall - The Ultimate Halting Point for Shopaholics

March 23, 2014

The first thing that comes to the mind when we talk of Dubai is the sky-high buildings, sky scrapers, large malls, big hotels and shopper stalls. There is not a single thing that you will miss in Dubai, and for shopping freaks like me it is more like a holy place.

I was there at Dubai with four of my friends who love fun and liveliness as much as I do. After a thrilling day at the Wild Wadi Water Pater Park the previous day, we had decided to move ahead with our journey by a visit to the Dubai Mall. I had heard a lot about the Dubai Mall, which is known to be an ultimate point for fun, movies, restaurants, pubs, discotheques and of course, shops.

Dubai Mall Indoor

Dubai Mall Indoor | Image Resource :

Dubai Mall is the largest mall of the world. In Mumbai, I was truly elated with the gigantic size of the In-orbit Mall, but this was much bigger in size than the In-orbit Mall in Mumbai. The Dubai Mall is a large shopping and movie complex, which was opened up for business related activities in the year 2008.

There are more than 12,000 retail outlets of a number of branded apparels, shoes stores, gadgets and equipment stores. On an average, a hefty mass of 750,000 shoppers accumulate at the mall daily for shopping and dining purpose. We could see the KidZania, which is a family entertainment and education center for both children and grownups. There is the water front aquarium, Gold Soug, cinema complex with 22 audis and a dernier cri dedicated area as well - all you would find under a single roof.

 Dubai Mall Waterfall

Dubai Mall Waterfall | Image Resource :

The mall is spread across a vast landscape of 13 million square feet and it also houses a 250-room luxury hotel within itself! With more than 120 cafes and restaurants within the mall, you will never get bored inside it. The Mall of Dubai also has a under water aquarium, which hosts millions of fishes and is known to be a wonder in itself.

Be it for shopping or just for a casual stroll, Dubai mall will give it all to you. Again it was not possible to see the entire mall in a single day. Therefore, we tried to cover the majority of areas and enjoyed a movie on that day as well.

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