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Experience The Thrilling Swimming Life At Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

July 17, 2015

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium | Image Resource :

For the love of the sea and all that it has, I went for a special experience. Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is located on the banks of the Yarra River, under the King Street Bridge. It is situated beside Flinders Street Viaduct and extends till this Street. The aquarium is owned by the Merlin entertainment that handles the upbringing of around 10,000 aquatic animals of 550 species. The aquarium is a beautiful place for people who love to see these animals flourishing in a place built around the adaptability of their natural habitats.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is an Antarctic Aquarium located at Central Business District in Central Melbourne, Australia. It is not only an aquarium but is like a Sea Life Centre and a major attraction. Australia is a place well-known for its natural aquatic flora and fauna such as coral reefs. Being nearer to Antarctica, I could see a large number of penguins, that this aquarium houses, making the whole ambience magnetic. These penguins are special and are the best-looking species one can ever find. Natural ice placed there to maintain the native climate for these special creatures adds to the effect of Antarctica making the whole place serene.

This aquarium is the first of its kind in the world and has a capacity of 2,200,000 litres. The aquarium is designed and built 7 m beneath the surface and is built on the concept of ‘Oceanarium in the round’. The visiting corridors in the centre of this round aquarium were spectacular with the aquatic life swimming all around me.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium functions venue | Image Resource :

Australia is a place well known for its coral reefs; the largest in the world, shores and aquatic inhabitants it takes care of. The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is spread over 4 levels which has a penguin playgrou, Coral cafe, crocodile’s lair, seashore pier at ground floor followed by rainforest adventure at level one. Level B1 and B2 have coral caves and mermaid garden, shipwreck explorer, and ocean discovery respectively.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium Coral Caves | Image Resource :

Thus, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is a must visit if one is travelling to Australia as this place will give a deep insight of the aquatic life that flourishes in deep seas and oceans of the world. Corals present at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium are a major attraction.


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