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Factors required for safe bungee jumping

November 19, 2014

Many fear the idea of bungee jumping. I have tried to convince many of my friends to join me and try it out and most of them didn’t and the rest backed out at the last minute. Most of the youngsters consider bungee jumping to be a cool sport but it takes a lot of courage and mental strength in actually trying it out.

Today, Bungee Jumping is practiced by many adrenaline junkies like me. We just love the exhilarating feeling that we get while we bungee jump. It is like jumping off a cliff. Many tourism companies across the world have incorporated bungee jumping for their visitors. These bungee jumping activities are organised and monitored by the experts.

Every measure is taken to provide you a safe experience. Only few bungee jumping services are given permission to organise such events. These government recognized services maintain all the safety standards for the the tourist, so that you could have fun in a safe environment


Safe Bungee Jumping

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Expert guidance :

Having an expert around you can boost your confidence and make you feel safe. If you have chosen a bungee jumping company that uses cutting edge technology and hires world’s best bungee jumping experts for your safety and training, then you have nothing to worry about. Therefore, always go for an old and experienced service rather than a new and cheap one.

Jumping Gear :

When I say bungee jumping gear it means, harnesses, padding, different types of ropes, helmets etc. There are many companies around the world that ask their customers to carry their own gear. However, if you are a beginner then you should never go for such services. Always choose a trusted company with years of experience.

Jumping location :

The location that is chosen for bungee jumping should have room for debris, suspended objects etc. Some companies use air bag to catch the jumper in case of an accident.

Health factors :

A person suffering from severe health conditions such as circulatory diseases, asthma, head injuries or heart problems should drop the idea of bungee jumping. Even pregnant ladies should not try this activity.


These are some of the points that must be considered before bungee jumping.

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