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Fly With The White Elephant To Meet The Kangaroo!

July 2, 2015

Every businessman knows about the ordeal he comes across while maintaining his operations in the market. I had practically drained my energies managing the cumbersome stuff. I, Cyrus Irani, so desperately needed a break from the stressed lifestyle I was leading. As I had been scavenging through the web for a holiday destination, I came across a viable option in Melbourne Preston. This not only was a refreshing trip option but also had the tinge of adventure to it which was a pre-requisite for reinstating my sapped facilities and energy. So after proper research, I decided on taking the vacation.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai | Image Resource :

My journey started from Mumbai. I took a THAI nonstop flight from Mumbai to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. The journey took an approximate time of 4 hours 30 minutes. The journey was awesome because of the high end services offered on board. The flight was scheduled 2 hours later, so I decided to walk through the airport lounge.

Thai Airways | Image Resource :

I must say that the time was well spent. My flight, Thai Airways was scheduled for late evening and arrived on time. As I boarded the flight, I braced myself for the nearly 12 hour flight to Melbourne. The journey was not as cumbersome as I had thought, thankfully to the newly installed big screened displays for passengers. I simply played on an audio queue and peacefully slept my fill. The flight was smooth and a pleasant one with the services perfectly up to the mark. The stewards and stewardesses were very cordial and helpful.

Tullamarine Airport Melbourne | Image Resource :

The flight arrived at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne in the early morning hours. After regular landing procedures, I just breathed in the air of Australia. It was clean and so very refreshing. The hotel was pre-booked because I had taken the Melbourne flight hotel package, so I did not have to worry much. I waited in the taxi queue for the taxi and looked forward to the trip that I had been so eagerly waiting for. It was after a long time that I had taken a break, and I planned to utilize it fully.


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