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Golden Buddha Statue Thailand - Being at the Biggest Gold Buddha Sculpture in the World

June 20, 2014

Golden Buddha Statue Thailand

Golden Buddha Statue Thailand | Image Resource :

Known locally as the Wat Traimit, the Golden Buddha Statue Thailand is the must-see place in Bangkok. The previous day had been tiring but very fulfilling. The ferry back to Ban Phe and then the bus back to Bangkok had been uneventful but I kept looking at the pictures that I had clicked in Ko Samet. Though I was no professional photographer, the beauty of the place was quite immense and hence, the resultant pictures came nothing short of being breathtaking. Encouraged by my newly found talent of clicking professional style photographs, I took special care to arm myself with some extra rolls to click some similar pictures of the Golden Buddha too. They say that the image of the Buddha is made in the Sukhothai style and is 900 years old!

The Sukhothai style of figurines had some special distinguishable features- the face of the deity would be definitely oval with a downward look with a distinct hooked nose and a pleasant gentle expression on the face. There is a very interesting legend with the statue. Threatened with a Burmese invasion, the city people tried their utmost to hide the valuables of the city in fear of the invasion and plunder and the statue in question had been covered in mud for disguise. It had been forgotten in mud when it slipped from the crane and may have not been discovered had it not been for some divine inspiration to a monk who found the statue lying in the same place covered in mud. The hint of gold made him realize the value of the sculpture which had been considered not so valuable earlier.

Another typical Sukothai significance, the flame over the idol depicts the spiritual energy of the Lord. The Golden Buddha Statue Thailand is in the traditional pose of Bhumisparsha Mudra and is reminiscent of the pose that had been the mark of when Buddha received enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. It had been marvelous to see such an ancient sculpture up close. I intended to call the day off sooner than usual for the following day I had been planning to go to Railay Beach Thailand.

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