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Hong Kong Disney Land, Super Fun and Great Activities, an Absolute Must!

August 4, 2014

It was part time and I was geared to go to Hong Kong Disney Land where there was no stopping me to unleash the child in me. Although the Victoria Peak was so alluring yet, I had to make my way down because the Disney Land was calling. From the moment I stepped into the park till the moment I would leave, I was sure; I would be transported to such a land where there are no scarcities of smile and fun. I had totally come braced for that. The place was swarming with children and child-like adults, all with their maps to figure the enormous park so that they can make it in time for all the exclusive rides, treats and shows of the park. I joined the bandwagon.

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Since it was nearing lunch time, my first fun thing was Character Dining as they say! The team of Disney characters had the spread ready to feed the hungry guests. And I happily obliged. There was Mickey and Minnie with their larger than life persona which had children squealing and jostling for attention. I stopped myself from reacting but could not help but be so engrossed in the charade that soon some of my adultish inhibitions evaporated. But then there were some of the things that I could not do- and imagine me sulking for the makeovers into Disney characters like Barbie and other fantasy figures were exclusive for children. Why didn’t I come here some 20-30 years ago, silly thought! The rides, the sounds and the thrills, all invaded me totally and I wasted no time loitering and made my way from each attraction to the other.

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I had been correctly advised to stay in the hotels inside of the Hong Kong Disney Land for a couple of days if not more but I had not paid heed then. But now I was repenting for this destination was hardly a one day affair. But when it was time to leave, I promised myself some more of the remainder of fun the next day at the Ocean Park Hong Kong; after all there should be some concession.

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