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Hong Kong Space Museum : A Fun Way to Learn About The Unknown World

September 2, 2014

After having a great time witnessing the natural beauty and watching rarest of species, I came to Hong Kong space museum. It is basically a museum of astronomy and space science in the city. The museum was very large in size as seen by outside and after getting inside I got to know about the place better. The museum had two wings east and west wing. First I went to east wing and it contained the nucleus of the museum’s planetarium with a huge egg shaped dome structure.

I watched a few stars and learnt about a few planets here and then we moved to the Stanley Ho space theatre where they were screening a small movie about the universe and it was thrilling to watch as the universe truly is way beyond what a human being can imagine. My next stop was the hall of space science where layouts and models of variety of planets and also the sun were given. I analyzed the details and a guide explained me about the formation of planets and about the big bang which led to the formation of interest. I and other visitors listened to him very keenly and learnt a lot of new things.

Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong Space Museum | Image Resource :

Model of Nine Planets Now is Eight

Model of Nine Planets Now is Eight | Image Resource :

Kissing Deer at Night

Kissing Deer at Night | Image Resource :

I then moved to the west wing which had the hall of astronomy giving us more briefing about the universe and also about the scientists who contributed to the mankind relating to astronomy and then a lecture hall where guest lectures used to happen and a scientist there briefed us about a few more things and also entertained our questions relating to the unknown world. I also saw a mockup of the nose and cockpit section of the space shuttle orbiter and we all dreamed the same then of once getting an opportunity to witness the real beauty of the world and see how earth really looks from the empty space.

Space Shuttle in Hong Kong

Space Shuttle in Hong Kong | Image Resource :

Cockpit of Space Ship

Cockpit of Space Ship | Image Resource :

The experience at Hong Kong space museum was great as I learnt a lot through the various entertaining processes. It was one of my best places of visit due to the fact that I learnt about things which are way beyond my imagination.

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