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Ko Samet Thailand for the Beach Action in the Ban Phe as they call it

June 17, 2014

Despite the heat and the options, I decided to take the bus to Ko Samet Thailand. It is one of the local buses that run every hour or so and it is very easy to board from any of the bus stations. I reached the Ekaimai Southern Bus Station where I could easily hop on one. There are a lot of safety concerns while in Bangkok as the city is not regarded as the safest yet, buses seemed the most natural way of going to the island of Ko Samet since it is bustling at this daytime. It is a lovely way to travel in the Thai buses because the hospitality is great, there are cold towels provided, movies for entertainment, lush seats and plenty of leg room; what more could one want for a three hour ride?

Ko Samet Thailand

Ko Samet Thailand | Image Resource :

The bus dropped me to Rayong and then a ride in the tuktuk got me to Ban Phe and then a boat ride to the island of Ko Samet. I was in treat for the white sandy exotic beaches and some crystal clear waters. But it sure is bustling with the locals and tourists alike because of its easy accessibility and proximity to Bangkok. I had had headed straight to the beach. Despite having lived all my life in Mumbai, still there was something about the beaches that would not let me be away from it for long. It was evening and the perfect time to laze in the sands. The scene at the beachside was as typical as it could be with the vendors jostling and people thronging it looking to maximize their time here in Ko Samet but the one thing that stood out about the place was its beauty. The dramatic sunset view from the cliffs would inspire a painter’s psyche any day.

Beach Sea Breeze Koh Samet

Beach Sea Breeze Koh Samet | Image Resource :

This beach that I was on in Ko Samet Thailand is called the Hat Sai Kaew or the Diamond beach. Hat Sai Kaew in Thai meant Crystal Sand beach and hence, the name. I had to rush to get back to the last ferry but I would continue sightseeing the next day with Golden Buddha Statue Thailand in my radar.

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