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Lantau Island Hong Kong : A Beautiful Island to Spend Quality Time

October 28, 2014

The Ngong Ping 360 cable car journey was exciting and it dropped me at the Lantau Island Hong Kong which was the very last stop of my mind blowing trip to the city. It is the largest island in the place and is twice the size of the Hong Kong Island. The terrain is mountainous as I had witnessed from the cable car and the bird eye view of the island was undoubtedly very beautiful too. After dropping off I had to hire a blue cab as the Lantau Island had a different cab system according to which blue cabs can take a person anywhere while the red cabs served the urban areas and green ones served the new territories only.

Lantau Island Hong Kong

Lantau Island Hong Kong | Image Resource : 

Tai O Fishing Village Hong Kong

Tai O Fishing Village Hong Kong | Image Resource : 

Tung Chung Fort Hong Kong

Tung Chung Fort Hong Kong | Image Resource :

I travelled around and ate at a vegetarian restaurant and got ourselves full with tasty dishes. I then moved around to a fishing town of Tai O and was at least 3 centuries old. The scenery was beautiful at this place as it retained historical settings such as waterways, stilt houses and fishing boats. The place is also famous for the traditional Chinese food. I also went to the Tung Chung Fort which was an old fort built to defend the coast against the pirates and was also occupied by the Japanese during the World War II. With time in hand, I also managed to visit the Hong Kong Disneyland lying on the north-eastern part of the Island. I had great fun enjoying the rides and shouting the lungs out as the rides were exciting and thrilling as it brought us upside down and I was out of breathes by the end of the time. I also learned that the island had a lot of prisons and the number was six in total. The Chinese are very strict about their laws and so during the whole journey we maintained discipline and law and order too. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Entrance

Hong Kong Disneyland Entrance | Image Resource :

The time of departure was nearing and so I took a cab to the airport of the Lantau Island Hong Kong and I had one of the best times of the lifetime there and it will always be in my memory.

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