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Lazienki Park Poland – The Paradise!

March 5, 2015

The peace, serenity, massive delight, relaxation and the perfect blend of manmade and natural beauty is on display in the Lazienki Park Poland. We were corrected a million times, so I’d better let you in on the pronunciation which is – wah-zhen-kee. Again, approachable by trams, taxis and buses apart from private vehicles, this epitome of green life is free for all.

Originally, the abode of Poland’s last monarch – Stainslaw August Poniatowski – the park has gone through mighty bombardments and the buildings have withstood them all. If not as a botanist, we definitely went there to marvel the strength and scratches on the old toughs!

Lazienki Park Poland

Lazienki Park Poland | Image Resource :

The afternoons during September are presumably the best as a Chopin concert is held every Sunday. Though we missed it, the wooded boundaries of the mid city forest awaited us as patiently as ever. The park is a pure pleasure giving place. If you’ve spent hours roaming around the city and need a break – this is just the place for you! It easily is a major attraction of Warsaw.

Palace on the Island Lazienki Park Poland

Palace on the Island Lazienki Park Poland | Image Resource :

The art deco Chopin monument and the ‘Palace on the Island’ stood in all decorous pride, showcasing its magnificence and being enough to take our breaths away. The old world charm was retained pristinely and though there were no descriptions, the knowing bloom of flowers is all you need to convince yourself of the ups and downs of the place. The pond and the boating experience are remarkable, and you’d know that if you’d experience it!

Boating in Lazienki Park Poland

Boating in Lazienki Park Poland | Image Resource :

Oh yeah, I never forgot the food. There are restaurants and ice cream corners if you want to munch around and satisfy your hot throats.

One thing I’d certainly warn you of is be up to date about the timings of the park, or else it could be disappointing. And if you are traveling by your own vehicle or bus or tram, be sure to have a set of clear directions with you or else you may face difficulties, but then travelers are acquainted with this custom of getting lost, eh? Or I shall put it as – we never get lost, we discover new places!

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