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Luna Park - One Of The Best Themed Parks In The World!

July 6, 2015

During my trip to Australia, I got a chance to experience some of the best tourist attractions across the world. Now was the time to experience the world famous Luna Park, Melbourne. There are very less brakeman worked scenic railways on the planet, and out of them, two are world famous.

Luna Park | Image Resource :

First one is in Spain and then second one in Melbourne. It was a great day, so I took off right on time to the city's Luna Park for some fun and excitement. After a little breakfast at one of the restaurants located nearby, I moved towards the entryway of the Park.

Ride at Luna Park | Image Resource :

Just so you know, the park is open for public from 10:00 AM in the morning to 6:00 PM in the night. As I moved towards the entrance of the park, I figured the park ought to be great because of the creativity and attention with which the entrance was designed. Upon entering the park, there was another smaller entrance that was again designed very beautifully with notice to every little detail.

Luna Park - One Of The Best Themed Parks In The World!

Arabian Merry Luna Park Melbourne | Image Resource :

At the start, there were roller coasters for the teenagers. Then next, was the ride that I had been searching for; “The scenic railways”. This railway had completed 100 years of its operation and was very well maintained. It didn’t seem 100-years-old but still looked from the early 1900’s.

Melbourne Luna Park at Dusk | Image Resource :

When the scenic railway started, there was much shouting and yelling and people celebrating. Then it took us all the way on a tour of the park. The design of the ride was pretty old and was a bit uncomfortable to sit on, but still it was fun riding two whole laps across the park.

Moving further, I got a chance to experience another roller coaster named Metropolis. But the last thing that I liked there was the Ghost Train.  It was an old style train with hairpin turns and quite a lot of tracks compressed in a small footprint.

Luna Park Melbourne | Image Resource :

The park was beautiful though, and I was impressed with the look and the way it had been maintained. I sure had my dose of adventure and enjoyed frolicking around feeding on candies and sweets. I felt like a kid again.


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