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Melaka Zoo Malaysia - Performing Innumerable Activities to Conserve Wildlife

May 6, 2014

Rediscovering zoos always remained a passion for me throughout my early days. Though I was not aware of their features and species, I liked the sight of animals eating, roaming and responding to our behavior. Likewise, exploring the 54-acre land of Melaka Zoo Malaysia was a part of my unique experience in Malaysia. The exhibits of the common as well as unique species of animals are also found in the zoo. Animal breeding and conservation, wildlife educational programs and recreational activities are some of the features of this vast zoo. The zoo also offers night safari to provide the rare opportunity of observing the behavior and habits of nocturnal animals in their natural environment. It was a whole new wildlife discovery for me. One of my friends was so engrossed in watching the animals that he dropped his precious camera.

Melaka Zoo Malaysia
Melaka Zoo Malaysia | Image Resource :

We took some of the accessories and important tools like sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, insect repellant, comfortable footwear, etc., before visiting the zoo, as suggested by the trip organizers of Malaysia. Availability of prayer room, first-aid station, locker, baby changing area, restroom, lost and found department, and parking area make the zoo more charming. We entered the zoo without being worried about the lack of extra facilities. Around the zoo premise there are outlets of food and beverages to quench the thirst and hunger cravings of the visitors. There are number of delicious cuisines served by the master chefs and the visitors can relish them with the accompanied natural and peaceful environment of the zoo. We decided to relish some tasty ice cream in one of the outlets. Diversified species of rare animals are found and conserved in this zoo with kind and loving behavior of the management team. Many outdoor activities like Zoomanji are held by the students and educational program organizers to spread the message of wildlife conservation.

Inside view Melaka Zoo Malaysia
Inside view Melaka Zoo Malaysia | Image Resource

I was thrilled and overjoyed to know about all of its activities, which are performed frequently. I wish I could be a part of all those activities. But now it was the time to wish farewell to end the wildlife journey of Melaka Zoo Malaysia and take some relishing moments to share and spread happiness among others.

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