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Melbourne Museum – A Treat To The Eyes !

August 7, 2015

What is the best place to experience history, culture, education, art and science all at once and at a single place? It is not that hard to answer the question! A museum is a place where we can get to know and marvel antiquities. Melbourne Museum is one of a kind and a completely modernised museum with excellent infrastructure and facilities. I visited the place during our tour to Australia and it is surely a place you must never fail to see.

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The Melbourne Museum is essentially a historical museum, specialising in natural and cultural history. Designed by Enton Corker Marshall Architects, its construction was finished in 2001. The museum has more than seven galleries including a children’s gallery that allows the children to run their imagination and even paint it! The museum is big, stretching on various floors, that it takes a considerable amount of time to tour whole of it. It is definitely the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere. Can you even imagine how big it is? Well, I can because I have visited this place! Hah!

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Talking about photography, it is an awesome place to capture pictures for your personal interests as well as commercial productions, for the museum provides excellent backdrops, exquisite locations and a vibrancy of colours for shooting videos and clicking pictures. You are not going to get disappointed on this front. I have tried my best to capture all the extravagant displays in real as well as in virtual!

The museum has some halls as well; like the Touring Hall, which is mostly utilised for displaying temporary exhibits that include dinosaurs from China, Mummies from Egypt, etc. Also, the museum has the Sidney Myer Amphitheatre and The Age Theatre. Also, they have The Discovery Centre –a free public research centre, which is located on the lower level, a café and a souvenir shop too. The museum has a vast variety of exhibits that are displayed throughout the building and they make your imagination go wild! I certainly had a great time here and it all felt worthwhile to make this trip after all.


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