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Move Your Mind Gears Into Motion By Visiting The State Library Of Victoria!

August 3, 2015

Another iconic place that I visited next was The State Library of Victoria. The word ‘Library’ has been taken to a whole new level by the State Library of Victoria. This humongous library is a well maintained and advanced library with all the modern facilities available to the visitors like free Wi-Fi, wireless printing in the premises, permissible use of the library computers, etc. Albeit the best part involved is photography!

Entrance to State Library of Victoria | Image Resource :

I loved clicking pictures all around, for the library is beautiful.The library staff allows you to click photographs everywhere except the Keith Murdoch Gallery, which is known for the exhibition displays. In case of clicking pictures of any rare collection books or super valuable items, the staff can be approached for approval.

State Library of Victoria Melbourne | Image Resource :

It takes much time to discover the whole place as it is huge and the library has a vast collection of more than 2 million books and 16,000 serials. Thankfully, it is divided into many areas that make it easier to explore the library. There are many galleries that are frequently used for hosting exhibitions and other events. The main public area is the largest and remains open on all days with a certain change in timings on weekends.

Inner View of State Library of Victoria | Image Resource :

The library also has a very famous café called the Mr. Tulk Café, and has very amiable timings for the public except for Sunday when it is closed! Being a big foodie as I am, this café was heaven-like for me as well as for my friends!

The areas also include various Reading Rooms viz. Redmond Barry Reading Room, Heritage Collections Reading Room, Arts Collection Reading Room, Genealogy Reading Room, and Newspaper Reading Room. Each of these rooms cater to a unique collection of books categorized as per the room names.

Queens Reading Room at Library of Victoria | Image Resource :

Also, the library has a great history and was built part by part by various architects. The first room to be built was the Queen’s Reading Room (now Queen’s Hall). It is a definite treat for everyone especially the book lovers and knowledge enthusiasts. In short, my experience was great, and it is a must visit place in Melbourne.


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