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Mumbai to Chicago : A Royal Journey With British Airways

March 14, 2015

I am beginning a wonderful trip to the states. In this holiday season I decided to take a luxurious international trip to the US with my friends. I have always believed that it’s not worth working hard to earn money if you don’t have good friends to spend it with. I want us to enjoy every flavour and thrill of Chicago, and we are all equally excited about this trip.

We selected a nice Chicago hotel and flight deals. The city of Chicago is located in the state of Illinois which is an industrial region in the United States and hence has no shortage of good hotels and resorts. The city is also a major entertainment center of the country and as we embark on this beautiful journey I will try to bring the real colours of Chicago to you.

The city of Chicago is not directly connected to Mumbai. The O’Hare airport in the city is among the three biggest airports in the US along with Dallas Fort Worth and the John F. Kennedy International Airport. These three airports are well connected to the Chatrapati Shivaji international airport in Mumbai via connecting flights. The most common route for travel to US is via the London Heathrow International Airport in the UK.  Therefore British Airways which is national carrier of the United Kingdom is a major player on the Mumbai Chicago Route.

British Airways

British Airways | Image Resource :

London Heathrow International Airport

London Heathrow International Airport | Image Resource :

I am an adventure junkie and therefore it is important for me to choose a good travel package. I am never afraid of spending a few extra bucks on my trip and my friends are also of the same opinion. We Parsis believe in living our lives to the fullest. I chose from a variety of Chicago hotel and travel plans, a package which balanced comfort with adventure. I always chose packages which are not overcrowded.

A packed itinerary is not a good sign. It does not allow you to fully capture the beauty of a particular activity or location. It is necessary that your itinerary have some off days, especially when going abroad, as it takes a certain amount of time to get suited to the weather of the new location.

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