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My Air Travel By Cathay Pacific From Mumbai To Hong Kong - A Tryst With The Fragrant Harbor

July 28, 2014

So, here it is- my next escapade! For all those who do not know, Hong Kong in Cantonese means the ‘fragrant harbor’ and I had all my bookings in place to be in the spot to experience the magical city near the Pearl Harbor. The ‘paw wala’ this time would enjoy the Disney Land, the Ocean Park and all the lovely places and the child in me was busy doing constant flips. It is difficult to remain the shrewd businessman in these trips and I intended to have a blast; something which cannot be done in the mundane lifestyle. I chose Cathay Pacific Airlines for my journey because of their Mumbai to Hong Kong cheap air tickets.

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I had to be quick this day since the flight departed at 10:30 am and considering the morning traffic and the airport formalities’ time, I would have to have lots of time at hand. But then again it was Cathay Pacific, which in my opinion has the most professional team whether ground or in-flight and they are reputed to give the best to the passengers. It panned out just the way I expected and soon I was comfortable in the flight to head to Hong Kong. I leafed through the magazines and the array of various newspapers which were provided in the flight and sat down to reflect on the economic conditions of the world in general.

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Wasn’t I on vacations? But you see, you can momentarily peek at the kid in the businessman but you simply can never take the business instinct out of him, it is like something that is ingrained and almost like a second skin. But, I was determined to treat the businessman in me a holiday so that he can return back with vigor and extra enthusiasm. My air travel by Cathay Pacific Airlines from Mumbai to Honk Kong was just the initiation of it. And Hong Kong it was after a good 8 hours and the commute to Bishop Lei International House Hong Kong was waiting for me at the airport.  

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