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My Air Travel from Mumbai to Poland- The Journey Begins

November 21, 2014

Traveling is one of my biggest pastimes. Having seen almost every notable place in India, I decided to move out this time and make a visit to Poland.  Me and friends packed our bags and decided to leave the country for a joyride into the Polish nation. The journey had to be ecstatic and aristocratic. After completing a major business assignment, I got some spare time and booked tickets in the Emirates Airlines for Poland through my favorite flight booking app. My air travel from Mumbai to Poland started from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and ended at the Poland airport via Dubai.

The journey started from Mumbai and our flight took off from the International Airport of the city in the darks of night. As soon as the flight took off, we became more enthralled and the passion to reach our destination for a weeklong trip simply gained richer heights. The flight started from Mumbai (BOM) and continued till Dubai (DXB) from where we had to take up another flight to reach Warsaw in Poland. Booking ticket for Dubai was an easy job in the Emirates Airlines and as there was no direct connecting flight to Poland from Mumbai, we had to take on the double route.

Our journey started at 4:30 am in the morning and we reached Dubai at dot 6 am in the morning. It was the first flight of the day and therefore we decided to take on this flight so as to reach the destination as early as we could.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport | Image Resource :

We waited at the Dubai International Airport and waited in the airport itself to catch the next flight to Warsaw. Emirates Airlines operates to almost every part of the world and therefore we had stuck to the Emirates which offered world-class services throughout the journey. Moreover being a travel junkie, I had already earned number of traveling points in the Emirates Airlines which also allowed me to carry more baggage with me.

My air travel from Mumbai to Poland became easier as the services of Emirates Airlines came in handy. The journey was superb and we landed in Warsaw on the same day during the noon hours.

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