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My Journey From Mumbai To Frankfurt- With Lufthansa Airlines

November 6, 2015

Since my childhood I, Cyrus Irani have been quite fond of visiting foreign countries. I used to think that after getting a well paid job, every year I would visit a new country. With this determination in mind, here I am getting all prepared to set my feet in a country which is new to me. This time, I was looking for a country which has a significant place in the world’s history. After researching a little on the internet, I made my decision, and it was- Germany.

In Germany, my plan was to visit Frankfurt. The reason was obvious- Frankfurt is among the top five largest cities in Germany. Moreover, one of my school mates was posted in Frankfurt, in some automobile company. Hence, it made me to choose Frankfurt. Before booking the tickets, I discussed with him a little about my trip. I was really glad the way he responded and made me feel more confident.

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He also suggested me to fly with Lufthansa Airlines, which is perhaps one of the most reputed airline companies in the world. Even though the price is a little on the higher side, the experience one would gain, will remain for lifetime. Since I always have penchant for luxurious treatment, therefore Lufthansa was my obvious choice.

Wasting no time, I went ahead with the booking of airline ticket in one of the best Mumbai Frankfurt flights. Once my ticket booking was done, my own sister as well as cousin brothers started making their list of things that I ought to bring for them! Well, that was cute indeed.

After a wait of one month, the day finally arrived, and I was at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, accompanied by my family members. It was really sweet of them that they had come to see me off. The flight departure time was 5 in the evening. After receiving my boarding pass and going through the security checks, I was finally inside the flight. The entire journey was of 20 hours, and I didn’t feel any kind of discomfort during the same. By 1pm, the other day, I was in a different country.


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