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National Museum Malaysia - Plays Versatile Role in Depicting the Journey of Malaysia

May 29, 2014

To get confronted with rich culture and heritage of Malaysia we reached the National Museum Malaysia. The place is easily accessible by taxis or private cars but we chose the mode of bus to overview the charm and glory of Malaysia in a better way. The museum took us to the journey from Malaysia in its ancient form to the developed Malaysia in the present situation. I came to know from one of my friends that the place has become more communicating and interesting venue for the visitors after it has been recently upgraded in 2008. It opens the gate to the versatile Malaysia with its spectacular civilization and folklore. We were already late to explore the maximum displays and exhibits of the museum, but we managed anyhow to capture the most important ones. We learned a lot about the formation and gradual development of Malaysia and its civilization.

National Museum Malaysia

National Museum Malaysia | Image Resource :

Malaysian National Museum

Malaysian National Museum | Image Resource :

National Museum Traditional Carts 

National Museum Traditional Carts | Image Resource :

This museum was established in the year 1963 on the site of Selangor Museum, which was bombed accidentally during the period of Second World War. The main building consists of four exhibition galleries, which feature Malaysia’s diverse cultures and its glorious history. Malay Archipelago and its formation are showcased by the Prehistoric Gallery. In the Gallery A of Early History, we came to know about the stone tolls evolution and the artifacts of the oldest skeleton of human were seen, which are 10000 years old. The Gallery of Malaysia Today showcases the gradual growth and development of Malaysia after independence. The achievements in different sectors and industries of Malaysia are also exhibited in Gallery D. A thorough face-to-face knowledge of the Malaysia and its formation was quiet interesting. The Space exploration and other educational activities for the students are organized by the museum authorities to impart additional knowledge of science and technology. It also collaborates with schools, government agencies, private agencies, etc., in their research activities. It provides advice on exhibition and field research, referral sources and information on the culture and history of Malaysia.

National Museum Istana Satu

National Museum Istana Satu | Image Resource :

It was a learning experience in National Museum Malaysia and I highly respect its history and culture. Its role in diversified research and development of the country is a talk of appraisal. Finally, the journey ended with all the dimensions of versatile Malaysia and the time came to pack the return bags for Mumbai.

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