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National museum of Poland – Krakow

February 20, 2015

The ‘National museum of Poland’ is a collective term for multiple magnificent branches of museums operating independently in various cities of Poland. The main branch is the one in Krakow, established in the year 1879. Our decision of paying it a visit was not aroused by our love for history, but by persuasion of locals.

National museum of Poland

National museum of Poland | Image Resource :

Not diving into the history of it, as you’d be hearing it once you’re here, I’ll start by describing the beautiful main building consisting three permanent galleries of numerous art pieces and retains polish history. The Library of the National Museum was a pleasing site to me as was the rest of the walk.

Library of the National Museum of Poland

Library of the National Museum of Poland | Image Resource :

Now, now, if you are planning on dropping this off your list because of some grubby exterior images you saw on Google, I warn you against it, or else you’d be missing on one of the most indulging exhibitions of entrancing paintings by great Polish and other European artists.

The museum is divided into three floors, the entry being free on Sunday for the permanent exhibits only! On our delight, we found out that occasional temporary exhibitions presenting awesome states of art was being held at that particular period.

We admired the Militaria present on the ground floor. Right from Polish armors to sabers and firearms dating from 16th and 17th centuries were lined up gracefully along with saddles and caparisons and military uniforms of the 18th, 19th and 20th century. The first floor dedicates itself to decorative art like gold ornaments and silverware, clothing and furniture of various periods, ceramics and clocks and other domiciles.  The third floor brought us to the ‘art through the ages’ section displaying one of my favorite stuff, though the side rooms where a bit difficult to navigate through.

We roamed about two hours or more of our tour time in the museum, and you may stay longer if you wish. One of my friend’s did get the creeps as the staff kept a constant eye on him, but I doubt we dressed like thieves! Anyway, the experiencing was worth mentioning and enticing!

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