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National Palace Mexico - Serving as the Main Base of Mexico’s Rulers for Ages

September 8, 2015

After landing at Mexico Airport, we were extremely tired due to the jet lag and so we decided that we would take some rest before beginning the main part of the journey. The first destination in our list was the National Palace Mexico which is regarded to be the base for Mexico’s federal executive.

national palace mexico

National Palace Mexico | Image Resource :

It is situated on the main square of the city which is known as Plaza de la Constitucion. We came to know from the local people that the site has been serving as a palace for rulers of Mexico since the existence of the Aztec empire. The building’s architecture clearly reflects a blend of Aztec and Spain.

They also told us that most of the materials used in building the palace are a part of the original palace that was built for Moctezuma II. In its present form, the National Palace is being tagged and utilized as a Government Building.

Courtyard National Palace Mexico;

Courtyard National Palace Mexico | Image Resource :

Together with its red coloured tezontle façade, it has a length of more than 200 metres and fills up the eastern part of Zocalo. We could easily find out that the National Palace Mexico houses many offices belonging to the National Archives as well as the Federal Treasury.

On the northern and southern sides of the façade, there are two towers and three chief doorways which take you to various areas of the same building. For instance, on entering the northern door called Mariana Door, one can reach the Finance Ministry and the Treasury Room. This bronze and iron door was built in 1850 and is named after its constructor, Mariano Arista and used to serve as the entry to the old Court Prison which comprised of torture chambers and courtrooms.

murals of diego rivera at national palace mexico

Murals of Diego Rivera at National Palace Mexico| Image Resource :

The southern door can be used for reaching presidential offices including Patio of Honour and is not opened for the general public. On entering the central door, one can reach the main patio as well as the central balcony from where the country’s President reads out the Grito de Dolores to celebrate Mexican Independence on 15th September. The murals of Diego Rivera found on the walls and main stairwell, were simply fascinating. This is due to the fact that the murals depict various aspects of the country’s rich history.


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